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(including Transformer and Accurate Digital Temperature Controller)
  • Input:100-240V AC
  • Output: 24V DC, which is safe to operate.
  • Power: 60W, max 100W.
     Accurate Digital Temperature Controller:
  • Controll method: PID control algorithm.
  • Accuracy: ±1 ℃ or ±1 ℉
  • Range: 400 ℃ or 752 ℉
The traditional edge creasing machine can only adjust the output voltage to reach the desired temperature, which lead to several drawbacks by its nature:
  x. Accuracy can't be guaranteed, for example it will be impacted by the room temperature.
  x. Even with the same output voltage, the temperature will be different with different heating units because of different resistance.
  x. It takes much time to reach the final temperature since the output voltage will always be adjusted to a lower level to keep a steady temperature.

All these drawbacks are eliminated with the digital temperature controller. 
You may set the desired temperature at the front panel easily. The thermocouple installed in the heating unit will measure the temperature and shows it in real-time. With a smart PID controll algorithm, the controller will drive the temperature to its target accurately and quickly with the full powe output. 


(including heating unit and temperature sensor)

The heating unit is shorter (2.5cm / 1 inch) than traditional one, making the handle easier to operate


Handle Rest and Iron Rest
Full Size Irons


Mini Size Irons

* FN Irons *

* G Irons *

* GN Irons *

* L Irons *
  • L2.0:  2.0mm. Comming soon.
  • L3.0:  3.0mm. Comming soon.
  • L4.0:  4.0mm. Available. Most popular.
  • L5.0:  5.0mm. Comming soon.

* SN Irons *

* E Irons *

* M5 Screw Connector *

Other Pictures
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